New Opportunities

Short Story Writing Competition

Help us to celebrate 50 years of Milton Keynes in 2017 by writing a short story set in our unique city. Science fiction, thriller, romance, historical fiction or gritty crime: as long as your story has Milton Keynes as a backdrop, we want to read it. The winning stories will win a cash prize.

Deadline: 21st April 2017

Download the full brief: Short Story Competition

Heritage Open Days

MK Heritage Open Days – 7-10 September 2017

Living Archive MK are inviting organisers to join them in an eclectic program of heritage events in Milton Keynes. Heritage Open Days is national, inclusive event, encouraging different interpretations of heritage and culture around the country.

Your event doesn’t need to be big or fancy or boast of famous connections (although we like those things too!), it just needs to meet the four conditions below:

1. Entrance must be FREE!

If you intend to raise money over Heritage Open Days, there are various ways of doing so but admission to the main attraction of your event has to be free of charge. Running a free tour if visitors have to pay a site entrance fee doesn't count!

2. Offer something special:

Open a site or part of a site that isn’t usually open to the public
Offer free entry to a usually charging site/activity

And what if your site is open free of charge all year round? Do something out of the ordinary!

3. Provide some form of information

Heritage Open Days visitors want to learn something new. You can support their exploration by providing:

    Guided tours
    Info flyers
    Skill demonstrations

4. Take place within the festival dates

MK Heritage Open Days always falls across the second full weekend of September and your event must take place at some point during this time. However, it doesn’t have to be open on all days or even for a full day.

If you would like to run an event in MK as part of the Heritage Open Days program contact and join organisers in Spring 2017 to discuss plans for this years events.