New Opportunities

Learn CPR for FREE

If you are a school, business, community organisation or a group of friends, ECG will come and train you for FREE. They are offering two free sessions every month this year to the MK Community in celebration of MK50!

For more information CLICK HERE to download a poster.

MK50 Showcase

In January 2018, we will showcase the MK50 year, sharing images and objects created during 2017.  This will be a chance to share a snapshot of what has happened over this momentous year and to look to the future, thinking about what comes next and how we gear up for Capital of Culture in 2023.

Later in the year we will open nominations for people to send in photos of the things they think should be included in the MK Showcase, and the final selection will be made by a panel.  

So get your thinking caps on! Nominations will be opened in September 2017.


Heritage Open Days

MK Heritage Open Days – 7-10 September 2017

Living Archive MK are inviting organisers to join them in an eclectic program of heritage events in Milton Keynes. Heritage Open Days is national, inclusive event, encouraging different interpretations of heritage and culture around the country.

Your event doesn’t need to be big or fancy or boast of famous connections (although we like those things too!), it just needs to meet the four conditions below:

1. Entrance must be FREE!

If you intend to raise money over Heritage Open Days, there are various ways of doing so but admission to the main attraction of your event has to be free of charge. Running a free tour if visitors have to pay a site entrance fee doesn't count!

2. Offer something special:

Open a site or part of a site that isn’t usually open to the public
Offer free entry to a usually charging site/activity

And what if your site is open free of charge all year round? Do something out of the ordinary!

3. Provide some form of information

Heritage Open Days visitors want to learn something new. You can support their exploration by providing:

    Guided tours
    Info flyers
    Skill demonstrations

4. Take place within the festival dates

MK Heritage Open Days always falls across the second full weekend of September and your event must take place at some point during this time. However, it doesn’t have to be open on all days or even for a full day.

If you would like to run an event in MK as part of the Heritage Open Days program contact and join organisers in Spring 2017 to discuss plans for this years events.