What's Next

MK50 has been a fantastic year that has enabled citizens to share their pride and to celebrate how far Milton Keynes has come in 50 years.  We want to build on this work and in 2018 Milton Keynes will take part in the European Commission programme, European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH).  The European Commission have developed this initiative with the aim of promoting cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion, whilst also highlighting the economic contribution of cultural heritage.  The four EYCH strands of activity are: engagement, value, protection and innovation.

Milton Keynes EYCH will build on the legacy of MK50, developing the networks and relationships built during 2017 and capitalising on the ground-swell of civic pride and positivity that has emerged.  In Milton Keynes we want to focus our EYCH programme on the themes of our urban design USP and our European connections and stories (developing the ‘creative and cultured city’ vision.)  To do so, Milton Keynes Council will co-ordinate a collaborative public programme for 2018 that aims to engage the people of MK and beyond in the Milton Keynes story.  Through a 7-month (April-October 2018) programme of activities (much shorter/smaller scale than in 2017), we will explore the design, architecture, industry, green spaces, culture and people of Milton Keynes.  The programme will aim to inspire citizens and tourists to enjoy our city and learn more about its cultural heritage as a designed city.

This work is currently in development and we are building projects and partnerships.  We will share more information as the programme develops.